Julien v. Food is not just a blatant rip-off of Man v. Food ; it's also a new monthly column in which Voracious contributor Julien "/>

Julien v. Food: Beth's 12-Egg-Omelet Challenge

Julien v. Food is not just a blatant rip-off of Man v. Food; it's also a new monthly column in which Voracious contributor Julien Perry tries to eat enormous amounts of junk by taking on the city's eating challenges so you can be equally grossed out and visually assaulted at the same time. What she lacks in girth, she makes up for in appetite. Her motto: "Never leave room for dessert because you will always have room for dessert."

Who just gained 4 lbs.? I did! I did!
Location: Beth's Cafe, 7311 Aurora Ave. N., 782-5588, GREEN LAKE.

Weigh-In: Four pounds of eggs, hash browns, and toast served on a large pizza platter versus a 5'4", 108-pound eating machine.

The Challenge: The famous 12-egg omelet that Man vs. Food's Adam Richman--a man who polished off a 72-ounce steak with as much gusto as he did a two-gallon ice cream sundae--wasn't able to finish. OK, he had chili and sour cream in his omelet, but still. As if 12 unborn chickens weren't enough, the omelet is served with a mountain of hash browns and eight pieces of butter-soaked toast. You can add whatever you want to your omelet, everything from chili to smoked salmon. I stuck to tomatoes and onions, because, well, isn't four pounds of food enough for you sick bastards?

Hunger Level: I went for a short jog that morning and ate a couple pieces of fruit. When we arrived at Beth's, there was an hour-long wait. When we were finally seated, it was another 45 minutes before we got our food. I was starving and the crayons they gave us to keep us entertained were beginning to resemble little pieces of Laffy Taffy. But my hunger pangs were no joke.

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Julien vs. Food: Beth's 12-Egg Omelet.

Spoiler Alert! Seahawks quarterback Charlie Whitehurst walked behind me as I did my pre-eating exercises (which I actually did post-eating). God bless our pet-loving camerawoman and Voracious contributor, Zibby Wilder, who was focused on his cute little pooch instead.

Difficulty: The omelet itself wasn't too hard to consume. The hash browns were the toughest part of this challenge, not because I was full and could not eat them, but because the taste of the hash brown/egg combination became a complete turn-off half-way through. The thought of shoveling one more bite of potatoes into my person was too much for me, and I found it physically impossible to eat anymore. The toast, on the other hand, was easy to suck down. To me, bread is like dessert--you always have room for it.

The Champ: I inhaled the omelet, but I did leave about 10 ounces of hash browns on my plate, so depending on how you look at this challenge, I either won or lost. I'm looking at it as a win, if for no other reason than because I refuse to believe that I fell into an all-day egg coma for nothing. Our server told us that in the dozen years she's been waiting tables at Beth's, I'm only the third female she's witnessed finish the 12-egg omelet. (Editor's Note: I've completed this challenge two other times.) The record for eating all 12 eggs? Seven minutes. I ate it in less than 10. I realize that makes me two things: 1) a good eater and 2) totally disgusting.

The most disturbing part of this entire challenge is that I was not full after completing it. I wasn't hungry, but I wasn't stuffed, either. It actually sparked my appetite. I went home and ate like I normally do that day, minus anything remotely healthy. Now that I know there's a seven-minute record to be beaten, I'd do this challenge again. I'd even put some chili on it to keep things above board.

Want to join me, Adam Richman?

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