Friday Food Porn: Show Us Your Tots!

Photo courtesy Joshua Huston

What's that you say? It would take some kind of genius photographer to take pretty pictures of fast-food tacos?

Well then, I guess it's a good thing we've got one, huh? Because in support of this week's review of that bastion of Pacific Northwestern drive-thru Mexican food, Taco Time, Joshua Huston went out and shot some beauties.

Click through the jump and see what I mean.

Photo courtesy Joshua Huston

"In a rage of frustration, Juan Frederico Don de la Tacotimé stood, drew forth his lance, and thrust it into the dirt. "Here!" he cried. "Here would I start a northwestern chain of limited-menu Mexican restaurants! It would stretch from this green and mossy place all the way to Curaçao and the Dutch Antilles, bringing surprisingly high-priced tacos to those who had no tacos before!"

And when Juan Frederico Don de la Tacotimé drew forth his lance from the soil, what was speared upon its tip? A potato. A potato which he carefully shredded, formed into a nugget, and handed to Sancho.

"Here, Sancho Frito," he said to his faithful manservant. "Cook this and eat it and see if it is poison. If not, I shall call it . . . "

"A tater tot?" asked Sancho.

"What? No. That's a stupid name. I shall call it a Mexi-Fry, and we shall sell it to stoned college students and beatniks, and it will make us both rich beyond our wildest dreams!"

From this week's review of Taco Time. Just a portion of the Legend of Juan Frederico Don de la Tacotimé, the man who invented Mexi-Fries.

Photo courtesy Joshua Huston

"The most recognizable Taco Time in Seattle is the oversized steel-and-glass cube that squats on North 45th Street in Wallingford, looking like some kind of monstrous mother ship just waiting to return the faithful to their home on planet Strange. Hyphenated by neon, glinting bluely in the thin, watery daylight--the oddest time to be here is for breakfast, because it is empty and echoing and the staff moves as if they are all struggling through thick, clear syrup."

Photo courtesy Joshua Huston

"Early in the day, everything is slow but also fresh. I stand, watching the clock ("Any Time Is Taco Time"), and eventually my tacos arrive--hard-shelled and full of ground beef, chunks of white-meat chicken, shredded lettuce still green and crisp, and a half-slice of tomato. The difference between Taco Time and most other fast-food restaurants is a matter of promise and delivery. Taco Bell, for example, promises tacos that look all upright and overstuffed, layered beautifully with meat and cheese and vegetables. What it delivers is something akin to that same taco run over by a truck. At Taco Time, the tacos look like they do in the pictures. They look like the promise of hot, fresh tacos. And for that, the place deserves a measure of respect.

In terms of taste, at least they come hot."

To read more about Taco Time in all its many guises, check out the full review right here. And if you just want to look at more pretty pictures, you can always click through to the full Food Porn slideshow over here.

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