After a 62-Year Wait, Pick-Quick Set to Open Second Location

I get it. Opening a new restaurant can take a long time. You have to find a location, deal with brokers, get inspections done, hire a staff. It's hard. But for fans of Pick-Quick Drive In who don't happen to live in Fife and who maybe have to drive all the way there from, say, the Eastside just to get a fix when the meat-shakes come over them and their craving for a cherry milkshake becomes unbearable, it has been a very long wait for this news:

Pick-Quick's long-awaited second location is almost ready to debut in Auburn. And it only took 62 years for it to open.

The actual moment of opening will be 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, March 8, and in celebration the new location will be giving away free "reusable cold drink tumblers emblazoned with the iconic PICK-QUICK logo" to the first 49 customers in honor of the 1949 opening of the original location in Fife.

So, yay. Free . . . cups.

But the giveaways are not the point here. What is the point is that we will now have two places to score some of the best (and certainly the most historic) burgers in the region. And the new location is something of a physical improvement over the tiny hut filled with girls and cheeseburgers which has served as Pick-Quick's sole roadside location for the past half-century and more. The new space (at 1132 Auburn Way N.) will have seats, for starters. Seats indoors. There will be a drive-thru window (as opposed to the walk-up window at the original), all sorts of environmentally conscious bells and whistles (like a rain garden and chairs made from recycled Coke bottles), and plenty of picnic-table seating outside for Seattle's 11 days of summer or whatever. But the core of the Pick-Quick experience--the burgers, as pure and simple and American as a buck-toothed farmboy running barefoot through a wheat field on the Fourth of July--will remain the same as they always have been. And honestly, rain gardens, drive-thrus, special parking for hybrids (yeah, they have that, too), even seats aside, the burgers are what matter most to me.

So here's hoping that Pick-Quick is able to bottle some of that old Fife magic that has kept it going and vital for these past 62 years and transport it to Auburn.

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