Some people do it for kicks, some people do it for the environment, some people do it because they're borderline hippies, and some people do


6 Double-Duty Edibles

Some people do it for kicks, some people do it for the environment, some people do it because they're borderline hippies, and some people do it just to experiment! What, pray tell, are we referring to?! Reusing our food, silly, that's what! Heloise has always given us good hints for around the house, but we've rounded up a handful of household foods that'll be sure to keep your waste down, efficiency up (you can bake, clean, and beautify simultaneously) and get puuuurdy all at once! It's like the world is your oyster (but don't worry, we haven't found a second use for oysters yet).

Oatmeal: breakfast or bath time?

Most American kids grew up fighting a bowl of this hearty grain-turned-incredible glue before running after the school bus. Then, years later, ended up living off it during most of college (that and the ever faithful Top Ramen) while huddled in three sweatshirts and a heating blanket in a cold studio apartment. But now you can have your vengeance: Turn that barrel of Costco oatmeal into a soothing bath and relax, you can afford to turn on the heat now.

Aromatherapy Oatmeal Bath Recipe -- powered by

Avocado: to guac or not to guac?

Nothing says summer heat like a cold Corona and a big bowl of chips and guac! But wait, hold back one of those avos. You're going to need it for a creamy face mask after you burn the crap out of your face in the five days of summer we see around these parts. Check out the link above for a tasty face mask.

Double Duty_avocado-face-mask.jpg

Mayonnaise: tuna salad and hair treatment?

Egg salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, oh my! Your burger cries without it, but your hair doesn't have to. Mixing up a simple homemade remedy like the one in this informative video below can prevent breakage and stave off expensive salon treatments. The buck stops with a tub of mayo--who'd a' thunk it?!

Apple-cider vinegar: burns your nose hairs, and so much more!

Why do they only sell apple-cider vinegar in massive tubs, like you're using it for fuel? We never did understand this. We do understand it works in recipes, and cleans counters, floors, and now apparently your face?! Check out the recipe we found at the link above, to make your own biodegradable astringent.

Double Duty_Apple Cider Vinegar.jpg

Baking soda: kitchen, bath, or laundry?

This workhorse has been around the block enough times that the neighbors are starting to get just a little suspicious. Baking soda is always hopping around, from raising your cakes and muffins to keeping your freezer and pantry stank-free. You know it's taking out those stains in your laundry, and now it's in most toothpastes to some degree. But its history in your mouth used to be a lot more rudimentary than a sparkly tube of Colgate Plus, and you can still make your own paste . . . but wee don't trust ourselves to follow directions. You try!

Double Duty_baking-soda.jpg

Tea bags: not just for steeping anymore!

Whether you've got a cold, had a long night out on the town, or just finished bawling after your fifth chick flick, your body and now eyes can benefit from a nice warm cup of tea. That's right, ladies and gents, just brew your tea, steep well, set those tea bags aside, and guess what? You've just started a two-fer! Drink the tea, let the bags cool, and then slap 'em on your dreary eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Ahhh, the miracle of caffeine and whatever else is in those little fragrant bags.

Double Duty_tea-bags.jpg

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