"Sexy Feast Live" Heads to Lummi Island Saturday

Dim sum is almost as sexy as Jay himself.
Jay Friedman is a sex educator who does food on the side. Fortunately for Voracious, every Thursday he writes Sexy Feast, a weekly column about the confluence of sex and food (he also writes a noodle column called The Mein Man that runs here every Tuesday).

Recently, Friedman started a series where the Sexy Feast concept graces area restaurants, with Jay in the flesh making attendees' feasts the sexiest they've ever enjoyed through a series of sensual pointers throughout the meal. Every Sexy Feast Live to date has sold out, including tomorrow's visit to Lummi Island's Willows Inn.

But there'll be more.

On February 21, Friedman's Sexy Feast will be held at Ballard's new 5 Corner Market. A five-course meal plus lecture will run $60; call 816-3310 to make reservations. Then on March 5, Friedman will return to Montlake's Cafe Lago (329-8005; five courses for $80), site of the inaugural Sexy Feast Live, captured in an Evening Magazine segment which aired last night on KING-5. Update: the March 5 Lago event has been canceled. Friedman is currently working to solidify his spring schedule, so stay tuned for the next round of Feasts.

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