Sam Verhovek, Peter O'Toole to Class Up Happy Hour for Hope at Grim's on Feb. 9

Back when O'Toole was more dashing, ascots on airplanes were de rigueur.
The second Wednesday of every month, Seattle Weekly (along with 107.7 The End) sponsors the ultimate rationalization of a midweek buzz: Happy Hour for Hope. Through the generosity of a bar-about-town, a portion of the sales of a featured drink is donated to a worthy charity, stuff is auctioned off to benefit that charity as well, and there's some sort of entertainment.

But at this month's event, February 9 at Grim's (1512 11th Ave) on Capitol Hill, there's a chance legendary actor, drinker, horse bettor, and cocksman Peter O'Toole might show up. And the featured cocktail contains a rare South African liqueur and is named in honor of a pioneering British aircraft that Peter O'Toole probably flew in back in his roguish prime. That makes this Happy Hour for Hope especially special.

Naming children after celebrities is a daunting proposition. Nonetheless, Magnolia resident Sam Howe Verhovek and his wife Lisa headed down this path when they birthed their first son. They named him Gordie--Gordie Howe Verhovek. Score! Naming your son after one of professional hockey's most unassailable badasses is truly a child-naming model worth following. Yet this isn't the only area in which Sam has achieved success. He's worked as a correspondent for both The New York Times and Los Angeles Times, was an early Glee devotee, and recently authored Jet Age, a hit book on the dawn of commercial flight. Verhovek's not one to hog good fortune, however; he's agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds from every book he sells during a happy hour reading at Grim's to Richard Hugo House. Likewise, Grim's, a Pb Elemental-designed marvel of rugged reclaimed materials, will also donate to Hugo House a portion of the proceeds from every Comet Cocktail it concocts.

What's a Comet Cocktail? As detailed in Jet Age, it was the signature drink on de Havilland's Comet, a pioneering British passenger jet. It consists of ½ brandy, 1/3 grapefruit juice, 1/6 Van der Hum (tangerine-flavored South African liqueur), a dash of Angostura bitters, and a sliver of lemon peel. Hopefully, Verhovek will don an ascot while he reads so as to outclass O'Toole, who's sure to fly in for the occasion. The festivities begin at 5:30 and the drink specials end at 7:30, although Grim's will stay open until 2--and O'Toole never leaves a bar before last call.

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