Needle and Thread Is One of the Top-10 Secret Hot Spots in the World (According to Worth Magazine)

Chicago, L.A., New York, Hong Kong, Paris, London, South America, Australia and Seattle--the editors at Worth magazine certainly had their passports in order when they set out to put together a list of the "Top 10 (Secret) Hot Spots" for a man with a thirst.

This is a list of modern speakeasies--of places where passwords, secret doors, and telephones stand between you and the enjoyment of a simple (or complicated) cocktail. And, deservedly, our very own Needle and Thread (the not-so-secret upstairs bar at Tavern Law) made the cut.

According to the folks at Worth:

"Needle and Thread may look like your grandmother's parlor, but the customized cocktails at this pocket-sized speakeasy pack a serious punch. Rather than hand you a menu, the dapper bartender will ask you to pick a spirit and a flavor profile, and then build a concoction based on your selection. Go during peak drinking hours, and nabbing one of Needle and Thread's 25 seats might be tricky, but pick up the old rotary phone next to the vault door inside Tavern Law anyway. If the place isn't too busy, or if the bartender likes the sound of your voice, you'll be buzzed in. The embroidered armchairs aren't as comfortable as they look, but the low-key, cloistered ambiance makes the entry rigmarole worth it."

Nice, right? I mean other than that "grandmother's parlor" line. Makes me wonder who their grandmothers were that they had a fully-stocked bar and lots of old-fashioned porno in their parlors.

But anyway, Needle and Thread joins the likes of Curio in Chicago, the underground supper club Wolvesmouth in Los Angeles, Lei Dou with its unpublished address, unmarked door, and opium den vibe in Hong Kong and the original pop-up, the Pale Blue Door, which started in London but is currently operating in Chile. You can check out the full list of semi-secret hot spots by clicking through to the full Worth spread. And to read more about what goes on behind the black door at Needle and Thread, read my chronicle of adventures had therein right here.

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