Naked Lady Cooking Show: Well, It's About Time . . .

She's just not naked yet.
See, now this is why I love Not only do they keep up on some of the weirdest cooking news in this country, but they also have a subscription to the South China Morning Post, which keeps them in the loop on culinary developments on the other side of the Pacific.

Developments like the new naked cooking show about to debut in Hong Kong.

Apparently, model Flora Cheung and her producers had noticed how popular the naked news show already was in Hong Kong. And then they thought to themselves, "What else might people like to watch pretty girls doing naked?"

The answer, of course, was anything. But a cooking show, I guess, was the cheapest and easiest thing to produce, so that's what they're doing.

Cheung is not a chef. She has no professional training whatsoever (kinda like Rachael Ray). But that's not going to stop her from doffing her clothes, donning a custom-made, see-through apron, and cooking traditional Chinese and Hong Kong dishes for the crowds at home.

And something tells me that, also like Rachael Ray, Cheung's new show will not be shown on Iranian state TV, which recently banned all foreign cooking shows because the cooking of Western dishes is a threat to national security. Or something.

No word yet on what kind of naked shows will be coming next to Hong Kong. But I do have a few suggestions:

Naked Lady Interview Show (also called "The Naked Truth"), in which a naked woman interviews various celebrities and heads of state while a digital counter at the bottom of the screen counts the number of times they break eye contact.

Naked Lady Sports Show, in which a variety of naked women talk about sports and run down the day's highlights, a la Sportscenter. I predict that this will be the most popular TV show in the history of the medium. At least among those who are fond of naked ladies.

Naked Lady Gardening Show, in which naked ladies work in the garden.

Naked Lady Home Show, in which a naked woman tours the homes of the rich and fashionable.

Naked Lady Politics Show, in which a panel of learned (and naked) women discuss the political issues of the day. Also, Keith Olberman can co-host, because he's awesome and needs a job right now.

Naked Lady Show About Nothing, in which naked women just sit around being naked. This will be the second most popular TV show in the history of the medium, following Naked Lady Sports Show.

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