More Than Wings Are Central at Wing Central

Wing Central
The newly opened Wing Central in the U District is becoming the game-night hot spot for the University of Washington's chest-thumping sports fans. On nights when the UW is duking it out against some clearly inferior team--owner Jim Rowe says he has put "Husky Fans Only" signs on the door to help maintain UW spirit--people, mostly broad-shouldered bros, fill the tables and chomp on wings or burgers while watching the game.

These bros don't even need to look at each other while eating; with the giant projector and the ridiculous number of flat-screen TVs around the room, people can keep an eye on the game from wherever they're seated.

Rowe opened the first Wing Central in Ellensburg near Central Washington University nine years ago. Rowe says he "plans to hit the Pac-12," and that he and his wife are already scouting possible sites in Utah and Oregon. But each Wing Central will stay true to the college it's near, clear from the purple and gold around the U District location. Buy a "Scholarship Burger," topped with a fried egg, bacon, and the normal fixings, and Rowe adds a buck to a UW scholarship fund. Besides the hot wings, which come in a range of flavors--including the intensely spicy "Hell Wing," which customers need to sign waivers to order--the menu is comparable to Red Robin's. The prices are a little more expensive than the other joints on the Ave, but you're paying for atmosphere--and those giant fucking TVs--so that's no surprise.

Even Rowe can't deny that Wing Central is a total guy zone. With its "friendly" (read: attractive) waitstaff (who wear flattering Wing Central tank tops as part of their uniform) and its 101 different types of beers, Wing Central seems to mostly be pulling in UW's dudes. That doesn't mean it's a bad place for lady folk like myself, though. As I said, there are a lot of dudes.

Or if you don't want to venture out for some wings, order in. And consider buying Rowe's almost ludicrous Superbowl deal: He delivers a 42-inch plasma TV, 100 wings, 10 racks of ribs, sweet and sour meatballs, baked beans, potato salad, chips, salsa, and pop to your door for $979.

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