Hot Chicks Flipping Free Flapjacks!

The best food holiday ever is Thanksgiving. Chinese New Year comes in second. And after that, things get a little murky, depending on my appetite. There's the 4th of July for BBQ, Halloween for candy, Election Night for whiskey and cookies (it's a family tradition)--third place is a tough call to make.

But I can say with some surety that Shrove Tuesday would probably make my personal Top 5 because Shrove Tuesday is, by any other name, International Pancake Day--the one day of the year given over to the exclusive worship of the flapjack in all its many guises. And who doesn't love pancakes?

More to the point, who doesn't love free pancakes? Because just like every year, International House of Pancakes is once again celebrating this most holy of food holidays by giving away a free short stack of pancakes to anyone who wants one. Only this year, one local IHOP has also added a new wrinkle: Hot women.

OK, well really just one hot woman: Miss Washington, 2010, Jacquie Brown. She's going to be at the IHOP at 178 S.W. Campus Dr. in Federal Way, and while I don't know whether or not she's actually going to be in the kitchen flipping cakes for the masses, she will be there, trying to drum up donations for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and Seattle Children's Hospital.

The only complication? You're going to have to get up kinda early in order to score the free flapjacks and bask in the glow of Ms. Brown. She's only going to be dishing out the goods from 8 to 10 a.m., at which point she will be out the door and on her way to whatever else third-runner-ups in the Miss America Pageant do all day.

Drinking alone and bitterly watching old pageant tapes, I'd guess. I mean, if it were me . . .

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