"We loved watching The Golden Girls when we were growing up--when it was on TV for the first time. The clever banter between Dorothy and


Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Pancakes and Coke's Secret Formula, Cracked By Nerds


"We loved watching The Golden Girls when we were growing up--when it was on TV for the first time. The clever banter between Dorothy and '"Maaawww" (aka Sophia) always cracked us up, and Rose's naiveté-turned-double entendre gave that refreshing punch of dramatic irony television so desperately needed. And don't even get us started on Blanche! Her raging, overtly Southern sexuality drew those men (and all the viewers) in like a moth to a flame.

"So many of their schemes, witty chat sessions, and heart-to-hearts happened around the kitchen table during breakfast, brunch, or a late-night cup of coffee. We were reminded of the gals the other day when we stopped by Chace's Pancake Corral in Bellevue (1606 Bellevue Way S.E.) as we sat between tables of Mohawk-sporting college boys, middle-aged blue-collar bankers, and grandparents treating their grandkids to flapjacks bigger than their faces."

From our Monday morning breakfast tour of The Eatside in "Elbow-Deep in Pancakes and Ladies' Plates at Chace's"

"If you're still looking to make last-minute plans for the big day (and happen to be in NYC and have very, very weird tastes), Saturday Night Live's City Correspondent Stefon is there for you with a whole host of suggestions, ranging from Booooooooof (yes, with nine o's) where you can find Gizblo, the coked-up gremlin, to an unpronounceable Japanese nightclub built on a dare by "90-year-old club promoter Fuji Howser M.D.," complete with mole people and Jupids. (Jewish cupids, of course.)"

This would be the exact opposite of The Golden Girls: Stefon on Weekend Update, talking about Valentine's Day


"Because, really--once you do the Meat Dress, you've pretty much shot your sartorial wad, I would think. There's nowhere to go but down. What's cooler, stranger, and more daring than a dress (or, say, a tuxedo) made out of raw meat? Not some kind of strange egg-thing, that's for sure. Not a yellow latex gym outfit and a Sunday hat like a yolk."

Lady Gaga went out dressed as an egg and even if it wasn't as cool as her Meat Dress, we were all over it


"It occurred to me that the modernist food revolution I was so sad to miss has actually just barely started. Rather than feeling 'late to the party,' I now recognize that the publication of Modernist Cuisine represents a critical phase for the movement: democratization.

"Until now, only a few chefs in the world have been able to execute the types of dishes featured in Modernist Cuisine. Most of these chefs (Ferran Adria, in particular) are highly skilled and highly creative people, but they're also people who have the time and resources to devote to such an R&D-heavy brand of cooking. Experimentation certainly doesn't come cheap.

Let's take, for example, the problem of thickening . . . "

The Seattle Food Geek, existentially geeking out over Modernist Cuisine


"Chicago, L.A., New York, Hong Kong, Paris, London, South America, Australia and Seattle--the editors at Worth magazine certainly had their passports in order when they set out to put together a list of the 'Top 10 (Secret) Hot Spots' for a man with a thirst.

"This is a list of modern speakeasies--of places where passwords, secret doors, and telephones stand between you and the enjoyment of a simple (or complicated) cocktail. And, deservedly, our very own Needle and Thread (the not-so-secret upstairs bar at Tavern Law) made the cut."

Needle and Thread is one of the best bars in the world? We think so, too.


"If you've been a little hard on your body this winter, and you're now realizing the sluggishness isn't only caused by the incessant rain, it may be time to switch up some ingredients. While going to the gym, getting lots of fresh air, getting more sleep, and eating fewer rich foods are all reasonable ways to improve the '2011 You,' it's just not realistic to do them all! It's time to redeem yourself, and this list of no-nonsense super foods is here to do the heavy lifting."

From "7 Redemptive Super Foods"


"Everyone is proud of Justin Bieber in his extravagant new movie, Never Say Never. He's sold out Madison Square Garden in 22 minutes. His grandpa wears purple in homage to his favorite color. His dad cries while watching him from the front row. At 16, Bieber has accomplished much. He truly is, to quote a recent Saturday Night Live sketch, "God's finest creation." That's what this movie--a documentary depicting Bieber's journey leading up to his MSG concert, with some Bieber baby videos adorably thrown in--is about. But before I go any further, I'm dividing this review in two, namely, into the two categories of people who are seeing Never Say Never--Bieber's Tween Fanatics and Others."

Guess which one I am? Those who are interested can read all about Bieber and poutine in "Hailing Canada with Poutine and Justin Bieber: Never Say Never"


"That picture right there? That's the secret recipe for Coca-Cola--or at least that's what Ira Glass and his crew from "This American Life" claim is one early version of the formula for making one of the most popular non-alcoholic beverages in the history of drinking. Coke says no--and they've been saying so loudly and repeatedly ever since the story went viral (This American Life's servers actually crashed during the rush to get a gander at the formulation on their website)--but TAL does seem to be onto something here. They claim that only two employees at Coke at any given time actually have access to the recipe, but that they found a picture of an original recipe buried in a 1979 issue of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, as part of a column called "Georgia Rambler" written by Charles Salter. That snap up there is the picture in question. Charles Salter's son Chuck spoke to its veracity on Tuesday on the Fast Company website.

And if you want to know what Coke (aka "Coco Cola Improved" or "Merchandise 7x") is made of, just click..."

...right here. We also have the secret recipes for KFC chicken and Twinkies, but that's not nearly so exciting.

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