Earl's Tops List of City's Drunk-Drivingest Bars*

Over at the Daily Weekly, Curtis Cartier relays a tragically awesome top-10 list: the city's top 10 bars where people get sauced before getting DUIs. The liquor board concedes that their tally is based on the admissions of the lushes who get pulled over, and we all know lushes like to lie (or, conversely, get way too truthful), so take this with enough grains of salt to rim a margarita glass. Also consider that many of these are awesome bars (Seattle resident Peter O'Toole is especially fond of Peso's, for the trim), and the fault ultimately lies with the person who decides to turn the ignition after his 11th greyhound. Oh, and the asterisk in the headline refers to the fact that Safeco Field, and not Earl's on the Ave, actually tops the liquor board's list. Now, Safeco Field has bars, but it's not exclusively a bar, as most bars don't feature live baseball and have a capacity of 43,000 people. On to the list . . .

10. Tie: Tia Lou's/Essence (Belltown), Peso's (Lower Queen Anne), Nectar (Fremont)

9. Amber (Belltown)

8. Last Supper Club (Pioneer Square)

7. See Sound Lounge (Belltown)

6. Qwest Field (SoDo)

5. Showbox SoDo

4. Venom (Belltown)

3. Trinity (Pioneer Square)

2. Earl's on the Ave (U District)

1. Safeco Field (SoDo)

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