This has been a very pig-heavy week here on the blog. First, we had our " Let Bacon Be Bacon " manifesto, a history of


Cochon 555 Ready to Descend on Seattle in an Orgy of Porky Goodness

This has been a very pig-heavy week here on the blog. First, we had our "Let Bacon Be Bacon" manifesto, a history of everyone's favorite breakfast meat. Then there was the review of Lecosho, in which pig (and lentils) figured heavily. And, inspired by those, we had yesterday's (arguable) lesson in roast-pork history, a gushing love letter from English essayist Charles Lamb to the pig that he loved so well.

So what better way to keep the pig train rolling than with a reminder that the food world's most glamorously porky event is rolling through Seattle on February 20? Yes, I'm talking about Cochon 555: five pigs, five chefs, five winemakers, and one king-hell competition and pig-eating party.

The deal is thus: Cochon 555 brings together five of the city's best chefs (this year it's John Sundstrom from Lark, Holly Smith from Cafe Juanita, Rachel Yang from Joule and Revel, Ethan Stowell of How to Cook a Wolf, Anchovies & Olives, Staple & Fancy, and Tavolata, and Jason Stratton from Spinasse), hands each of them a whole heritage-breed pig, and tells them to go to town, creating a massive nose-to-tail meal that will impress a panel of 20 (!) local judges and all the guests in attendance. The winner will be crowned the Prince or Princess of Porc and move on to the national competition at the Aspen Food & Wine Classic. Whoever wins there gets to be the King or Queen of Porc, which is just awesome.

But more importantly, those who manage to score tickets to the event get to eat pretty much everything in sight, snagging tastes of heritage pig, plus sipping from the best bottles of five different winemakers and snacking their way through a variety of other foods being displayed on the floor (in Seattle's case, lots of local cheese and oysters). There are also butchering demos and a competition for who can break down a whole pig the quickest and cleanest, but really, the eating is where it's at.

Tickets for this year's Cochon 555, February 20 at the Westin Hotel, are pricey ($125 for GA and $175 for VIP), but if you need a little more inspiration, among the judges are our own Jay Friedman (of Sexy Feast fame) and Leslie Kelly (who handles Grillaxin' duties).

For more info (like what breeds of pig are being used or what grape juice will be served), check out the Seattle page of the Cochon website right here.

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