Ten Tweeters Twittering About Liquor

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In my last installment of boozy Twitter fiends, I uncover the hard stuff: liquor. This list proved to be significantly more difficult to pull together, and I had to tap into our Portland neighbors to dig up some worthy contenders. That leads me to one conclusion--Seattleites aren't drinking enough. I'm talking to you, cocktail lovers of Washington! Pull it together, take a cue from those to our south, and start tweeting about booze. In fact, leave your new Twitter handle in the comments so all the masses can follow you. Nothing like a little peer pressure to get the ball rolling.

And now, I give you the drunkest of the liquor-lusting bunch:

@Cocktail Theater (Renee Bourrut): Renee tweets about life behind the bar as a mixologist. She's also a co-conspirator on the @secretstashsalt stream, so you'll get salty fun and cocktails all at once. Doesn't get much better, in our opinion.

@WA_LiquorReform: These guys haven't tweeted since Election Day, but we're betting with the new talks about liquor privatization, they'll be back at it sooner than later. Follow them to get a jump on the info.

@Boozenik: Our first Portlandian (see what I did there?) to make the list, Boozenik has an animated avatar and a whole lot of followers. Who is she? We may never know. Think of her as your undercover spy into the world of cocktails. She also serves recipes and reviews.

@LiquidKtchn: Created to develop and design new cocktails, this stream is Kathy Casey heavy but redeems itself with interesting tidbits and articles. Shameless self-promotion is a good thing, right?

@Sound_Spirits: Speaking of self-promotion, Sound Spirits distillery shouts from the rooftops about their newest bottlings and offerings. I really wanted to stay away from companies, but because Seattle's cocktail scene is (seemingly) too hungover to tweet, I had to fill the rap sheet somehow.

@batch206: One last nod to the small guys, except these dudes actually talk about more than just their booze. Two thumbs up on mixing in some Twitter stream flavor.

@WSLCB (Washington State Liquor Control Board): Generally thought of as the ones that ruin all the fun . . . wait, they are the ones that ruin all the fun. If you're one of those people who loves to listen in on police scanners, here's the stream for you.

@cocktailia: From another Portlander, this stream covers classic and modern cocktail reviews and culture. Look, listen, and learn, people!

@drinkspirits: Helping you figure out what to drink next, this Portland-based stream is all about offering helpful tips and answering questions.

@CocktailChron (Paul Clark): Our "regular" guy on the list this week, Paul tweets about his boozy adventures around town, but he also knows his cocktails. Slightly highbrow and very informative, he's a must-follow on our list.

So there you have it. Are you tweeting about your alcohol-fueled escapades in WA? Leave your Twitter handle in the comments below, and if you're cool enough, maybe people will follow you. Drink in peace, my friends.

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