Ten Tweeters Twittering About Beer

In the second installment of top Tweeters twittering about booze, I bring to you the best of Northwest beer. The everyman's daily libation, beer is as much a part of Northwest living as arguing about sustainable seafood, seasonal depression, and disappointing sports teams! Luckily for us, beer improves each and every one of those situations.

Without further ado, the top 10 beer-tastic Tweeters in the PNW:

Beer Blotter: "Beer for the people." This stream offers a good overview of obscure beers from "a seat in Seattle." The accompanying blog, Beer Blotter, tackles long-form reviews, shop openings, and events in the area.

Seattle Beer Week: The organization that brings beer lovers the week they wait for every year has a Twitter feed featuring updates on their event. When they don't have updates, they talk other local events and news. A resource you can trust.

Beer Blog: "Keeping you informed about everything beer in the Evergreen State." A frequent updater, you'll find strong opinions and reviews here.

Seattle Beer News: With a tagline like "I dig beer," how can you not follow this dude? Join the 700 people who already do for solid beer intel.

Washington Beer Commission: This Commission, started to promote our state's many fine craft breweries, is another reliable source to check when the (drunken) rumors start flying.

Geek Beer: A scientific look at the . . . um, science (?) . . . behind our favorite hoppy beverage, you'll get your daily dose of nerdery by following this stream.

NW Beer Guide: Navigating the beer-laden waters can be tricky business. Frequently, the sheer volume of information out there even overwhelms us. Enter the Beer Guide. Ask them questions. Get answers. Learn about beer. Simple as that.

Beervana: Jeff Alworth is our honorary "regular dude" on the list this week. Even though he's based in Portland, he made the cut because of his solid follower base and respected opinions. Plus, Beervana is a pretty cool name.

Seattle Beer Girl: Sometimes I feel that beer can be a man's world. Proving that stereotype dead wrong is our second "regular" addition to the list, Laura. With over 1300 followers, this awesome lady tweets frequently about articles and news not covered by the others on our list. See also: funny observations ("Dance Central on kinect after drinking 16.86% Imperial Stout is not so bad . . . "). OK, turns out we might actually have a crush on her. Follow her to develop your own.

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