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Credit: @wineexpedition
Last week, a map of Twitter usage around the country made the rounds on . . . well, Twitter. Washington neared the top


Ten Tweeters Twittering About Wine

twitter wine.jpg
Credit: @wineexpedition
Last week, a map of Twitter usage around the country made the rounds on . . . well, Twitter. Washington neared the top of the list with a 64% growth rate per capita. That won't come as a surprise to the hordes of people in Seattle and the surrounding areas who are addicted to the microblogging service. Of course, what better way to use all your newfound connections than to talk about booze and how to get the best libations? After all, that's something people have been doing long before they were glued to their iPhones.

To make your alcohol search more productive and enjoyable, I'm rounding up the top 10 Tweeters in wine, beer and liquor. This week I'm tackling everyone's favorite form of grape juice: vino.

@YasharWineMongr (Yashar Shayan): Certified sommelier working for Seastar Restaurants. Wine consultant, educator, judge. Lover of all wine, general lover of food and drink.

@rjswineblog: "From screw caps to cult wines . . . because what the world needs is another opinion about wine." RJ's Twitter stream is peppered with tasting notes and funny anecdotes.

@WaWineNews: An overview of wine events, winery openings and closings, and general wine-related attractions throughout Washington.

@WinePressNW: In a similar vein, this Northwest writer gathers interesting wine tidbits, disseminating them graciously to the masses.

@WinesNorthwest: This interactive Northwest wine-tour guide can help with wine-country planning, wine suggestions, and local events.

@seattlewinegal (Barbara Evans): With over 10,000 followers, Evans has carved a name for herself in the wine world and on Twitter. After years in the wine industry, she's well-versed in the news, events, and facts.

@wawinereport (Sean P. Sullivan): This independent blogger is focused on bringing you all that Washington wine has to offer--the good, the great, and the extraordinary.

@NWTomLee (Tom Lee): A wine consumer, Tom's the "everyday guy" that made our list. But don't let that dissuade you--after interacting with Tom, you'll want to sit down, split a bottle, and soak up his knowledge.

@WinesofWA: Thinking about starting a wine business of your own? WOW, self-proclaimed as "Napa's Worst Fear," is all about helping you get there. If you're not looking for that, they also chat about which Washington wines are cleaning up in the awards arena.

@winebeerWA: I debated about putting these guys on the list because they focus on beer as well as wine. In the end, though, I couldn't deny their success--they've wrangled almost 4,000 followers to their stream. They're split fairly evenly between wine and beer, so you get the best of both worlds in one shiny package.

Who are your favorite boozy Tweeters? Leave them in the comments, and maybe we'll feature them in the following weeks.

Insider Tip: Not on Twitter yet? Check out this Forbes article about how to get started learning about wine on Twitter.

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