Screw You, iPhone! Five Apps for Android

It makes me angry that when most companies come out with awesome phone apps, they're all for the iPhone. Then by the time the company actually does get around to making an app for Android, no one cares anymore. To make all you Droid users feel special on this dreary Friday, I pulled together a cool list of five Android apps that relate to boozing, going out, and staying in the loop.

BeerGut: This app tracks your workout time against how much drink you're cramming down your piehole. It lets you know when you need to hit the gym and when you can afford to throw back a few extra brews.

Pick-up Lines: After you've completely disregarded the fact that you've blown your allotted calories in the app above, open this one up and start hitting on the hottie you've been eyeing at the end of the bar. It could go one of two ways, and we're not responsible for your dry cleaning if she dumps a drink on your head.

Tip Calculator: For the math-apathetic moments in all of us, this free tip calculator helps you decide how much dough to drop for service.

BooRah: Unlike some apps that only give you their user reviews, BooRah combines reviews from multiple sources and provides you with an overall snapshot of the dining scene. In Seattle alone, the app has 2480 restaurants listed for the city, with almost 55,000 reviews and 175 discounts.

Foursquare: This one might be obvious, but it deserves some recognition. If you're unfamiliar, Foursquare rewards you with points and badges for checking in around town. At some establishments, you'll earn discounts for checking in or becoming the mayor and read tips (i.e., "Don't order the cheese fries!") from past guests.

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