Rezzies All Gone, But You Can Still Score Some Spring Hill Chicken

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Spring Hill's Mark Fuller is 86ing the fried chicken dinners in July.
Shortly after the word got out on Voracious that chef Mark Fuller would fry his last birds for the wildly popular fried-chicken Monday suppers in July, the last tables available were gobbled up. Bummer.

But hang on. There's still a shred of hope for those poultry purists who missed the crispy, golden, succulent, juicy boat. On Feb. 28, Spring Hill will draw names and two lucky peeps will win dinners for four. Hot dog.

Now, here's the tricky bit. You've got to . . . wait, let me rephrase that--you get to go to Spring Hill and eat, and then fill out a comment card to be entered. Brilliant idea, really.

If/when you do go, here are a couple of personal favorites: I'm partial to the croque- madame at brunch. Oh, and the Painted Hills burger's pretty spectacular, too.

And, heck, while I'm dishing out compliments, I've got to give Fuller and the Spring Hill gang high fives for making great use of Twitter and Facebook to connect with customers. That's where the chef broke the news and announced the contest.

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