Outcast Hour: A Video Lesson in Pronounciation

Photo credit: FOX TV
Remember in grade school when you sang the wrong song lyrics and everyone at recess teased you mercilessly for months? When you're a kid, your parents tell you that other kids are mean, and if you can just get through high school, everything will improve and people will automatically morph into decent human beings. Then you grow up and realize "Hey, wait a minute, people aren't better human beings, they're just better at waiting until I'm not around to make fun of me."

The situation gets even worse when you start attending social functions where seemingly everyone knows everything about '86 vintage Bordeaux or what the most desirable preparation of foie gras is this week, not to mention how many Michelin stars so-and-so chef raked in during Shirley Temple's heyday. How can you possibly keep up?

Luckily for us, the folks at Saveur have no qualms about embarrassing their friends by asking them to pronounce the name of the magazine, filming it, then blasting it across the web for all to see. Too bad for Saveur's holiday guests, but at least now there's one less way for others to make you feel culturally inferior at your next dinner party. You can thank us later.

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