Fuggedabout Cupcakes and Pie! 2011's the Year of the Macaroon

chocolate macaroon.jpg
Photo by Leslie Kelly
Pure chocolate bliss, this macaroon from Claudio Corallo is the perfect dessert.
Yeah, that prediction that macaroons will rule is based on nothing except wishful thinking on my part.

As much as I love pie and cupcakes, they are just too dang much at the end of a meal. Why, oh why, don't restaurants offer a bite of something light on their list of sweets? I'm not talking about diet food. Something rich and satisfying, but in a petite portion. I'd pay a premium for a couple bits of bliss.

This macaroon from Claudio Corallo Chocolates is a perfect example of how a meal should end. It's an intense blast of chocolaty greatness with more luxe chocolate sandwiched between the elegant cookies. It's what a Whoopie Pie aspires to be. Let's take a moment between bites to swoon. Oh. Damn. So. Good.

There's a reason these cookies are so awesome, and his name is Neil Robertson, the uber-talented pastry chef at Mistral Kitchen. He makes the macaroons with the exceptional Claudio Corallo Chocolates for the tiny retail shop near Whole Foods on Westlake. These dreamy treats are $4, which is steep for a cookie. But these are no mere cookies. They're dessert, as perfect as any pastry in this city.

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