Bogart's to Replace Goldie's on Airport Way, But What's in a Name?

Bogart was never afraid to tend his own bar.
"The whole world is three drinks behind," Humphrey Bogart proclaimed in 1950, according to a wonderfully long-winded Modern Drunkard profile of the actor's drinking prowess. "If everyone in the world would take three drinks, we would have no trouble. If Stalin, Truman, and everybody else in the world had three drinks right now, we'd all loosen up and we wouldn't need the United Nations."

Amen. And thanks to Brad Bogart (no relation), Bogie's soon to be back in town, on Airport Way, where Goldie's will change its name to Bogart's sometime before Spring has sprung.

See if you can keep all this straight. Brad Bogart once owned Bogart's on Second in Pioneer Square. There was also a bar on Eastlake Avenue at the time called Bogie's, which closed shortly after a certain alt-weekly editor threw back 11 cement mixers (after a base of 16 beers) on his 21st birthday and passed out in the back of a pickup truck before vomiting all over his aunt's front lawn and being laid to rest naked on a plastic tarp.

But those Bogies went bye-bye, giving way to a trifecta of Goldie's--one north of the city limit on Aurora (also a casino), a second on Airport Way, and a third in Wallingford on 45th. Before the Wallingford Goldie's was Goldie's on 45th, it was called the Iron Bull. Now, under new ownership, it's back to being called the Iron Bull.

Bogart (Brad, not Humphrey) bought and sold Goldie's on 45th twice. And he also owned Goldie's on Airport Way for 12 years before selling it three years ago to the owners who are selling it back to him now. Once the signs are changed (February or March, Bogart estimates), the gilded trifecta will be separated into one Bogart, one Goldie, and one Iron Bull.

"It's the last of the big old dive-o-saurs of the industrial area," says Bogart of his about-to-be Bogart's. "It just needs fine tuning. It's a hard-core workingman's bar. Some of these people have been coming in here for 60 years."

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