A Catchy Theme Song, Farm-to-Table Craziness, and a Chicken Named Colin: Portlandia Premieres Tomorrow Night on IFC

The way I see it, it could not have been more perfect. Portlandia--the new show from Fred Armisen, Olympia's own Carrie Brownstein (ex of Sleater-Kinney), and IFC--is a show in which the entire setup is the skewering of Portland in particular and the Pacific Northwest in general. And the very first scene of the very first episode (following the aforementioned theme song, "The Dream of the 90's Is Alive in Portland") is set in an imaginary restaurant called the Gilt Club and involves a painfully long discussion about organic, farm-to-table cuisine and whether or not the chicken that Armisen and Brownstein are thinking of eating is "USDA organic or Oregon organic or Portland organic," and whether the chicken (named Colin) had "a lot of friends, a lot of other chickens as friends," while living on the local, organic, Oregon farm where he was raised.

The entire thing is played completely deadpan, and tags all the secret guilt, ridiculous obsession, and self-serving, infuriating, holier-than-thou mentality of the extreme farm-to-table foodie perfectly. The only thing that could've made it better is if Michael Pollan played the part of the waitress bringing Colin the Chicken's papers to the table.

For those of you who absolutely cannot wait, the entire first episode is available right now on Hulu. But for those willing to exercise a little self-control, the official premiere is tomorrow night at 10:30 on IFC, following the premiere of Onion News Network (which I also wrote about earlier today).

Can you tell I'm a little bit excited?

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