Eat your cold away with the Amour Bowl at Samurai Noodle.
It started with a slight tickle in your throat and a runny nose. You


5 Seattle Dishes Guaranteed to Cure Your Cold

Eat your cold away with the Amour Bowl at Samurai Noodle.
It started with a slight tickle in your throat and a runny nose. You put on a pair of flannel pants and went to bed early to no avail. This morning, you feel miserable. Your throat now feels like it was rubbed raw by sandpaper and your head like it weighs a thousand pounds. Help is here! This city has its fair share of cold-remedying cuisine for you to choose from. We've counted down the five most effective so that you can make it to work and use your hooky sick time for funner, healthier days.

5. Chicken Noodle Soup at Metropolitan Market. Come cold season, the deli staff says the chicken noodle soup becomes one of their best sellers. They avoid delving too deeply into what makes it so delicious, but share that it's made fresh every morning and contains premium, predominately local ingredients. In addition, the market offers 25 more soup varieties on a daily rotation, and all of 'em beat the canned stuff.

4. Amour Bowl at Samurai Noodle. The Japanese know there's nothing more soothing than a steaming bowl of ramen. The authentic version served here puts Cup Noodle to absolute shame. It comes with your choice of broth (go with the tonkatsu, simmered in pork bone) and a generous side order of toppings that include a hard-boiled egg, roasted pork slices, roasted seaweed, and seasoned bamboo shoots. Be ready for a warm stomach and an awesome post-meal nap.

3. Hot Toddy at 5 Point Café. Granted, it's a drink and not a dish. But the Hot Toddy deserves recognition as a cold cure. In fact, doctors should prescribe patients to drink them. The bartenders here skip the flourishes and keep it simple: well whiskey and hot water with honey and lemon on the side. It soothes a sore throat and if your body can handle another dose or two, you might feel good enough to forget about your ailments.

2. The Flu Buster at Chaco Canyon Café. The cult loyal customer following of the state's first certified-organic vegetarian café swear that its ultra-healthy concoctions work like magic. Just reading a description of its beloved Flu Buster is sure to make you feel a little better: a blend of apple, orange, lemon, ginger, and garlic juice, topped with cayenne pepper, then steamed. And all the juice is made fresh to order with organic fruits and vegetables. Wow!

1. Pho at Than Brothers. The most tried-and-true method of alleviating a cold: pho. In fact, in this city, it's as classic a remedy as chicken noodle soup. The local chain serves huge, cheap (!), fragrant bowls of Mama Than's rice noodle soup loaded with veggies, chicken, meatball, and your choice of a whopping 14 varieties of beef. Add as much spice as you can handle and your sinuses will be clear in no time. And the complimentary cream puff at the end is sure to cheer you up at least a little bit.

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