Classic Cocktails at Fremont's Red Door

Matt Coombs isn't shy when it comes to storytelling
The Watering Hole: The Red Door, 3401 Evanston Ave. N, FREMONT

The Atmosphere: Almost a decade ago ago, the historic tavern with its landmark red door had operated down the street before Suzie Burke, the building owner, received an offer she couldn't refuse. Forced off the block by a PCC and some garish condos, the Red Door moved its entire building, added some new construction and hoped for the best. With an iconic Rainier "R" acting as a beacon out front, it seems the locals have readjusted to the more spacious digs while the comfortable atmosphere remains untouched. Inside, the cabin-like feel of the bar inspires anyone to order a hot toddy while they enjoy multiple perspectives of the "center of the universe."

The Barkeep: Matt Coombs. The New York native decided to move to Seattle after college with a bunch of his cronies and didn't look back. A natural historian, Coombs can tell stories about Seattle's politicians showing up at his bar and even where the old "R" sat rusting some years back before it was resurrected.

The Drink: Solstice Prosecco Spritz. A fan of what he calls "classic cocktails," Coombs shakes up the deep orange colored drink that consists of Aperol Italian liqueur, rhubarb bitters, fresh grapefruit juice and sparkling prosecco.

Who could miss this lovely work of art?

The Verdict: A nice twist off of a French 75, with the rhubarb bitters adding an extra kick to each sip. Sweetened naturally by the grapefruit juice, there aren't any artificial syrups that'll make your mouth go dry. While it may not be the drink of choice to some of the locals who'd rather sip on an imperial pint, no one will judge you for going the fruity route. After all, you might be able to convince them to tackle change one more time.

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