The Coconutty: Making Knees Buckle Since December 13, 2010

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My new buddy, The Coconutty.
At least that is the claim from Thrive, a cute little cafe across from Whole Foods on Roosevelt. I've been a fan ever since I had their raw ice cream. This shop is part vegan cafe and part health food store. They also have the friendliest staff (mostly dudes) I've ever encountered. Everyone here seems genuinely interested in making you leave feeling better about your health, and not in an annoying hippie sort of way. Maybe hipster, but not hippie. There are a few candlelit tables and a bar you can sit at to watch the kitchen crew prepare your order. It's really fun to see them bust open coconuts, chop up fresh veggies and juice fresh fruits to make your food as opposed to simply seeing it magically appear in front of you.

For one reason or another, I found myself on Thrive's Facebook page earlier this week and saw this:

A first time customer ordered 2 Coconutty's To Go, upon walking out the door and taking her first sip, she literally buckled her knees. HA! Coconutty's win!

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Was it true? And what the hell was a Coconutty? I went to find out.

A quick trip to Thrive's website and I discovered something that literally made me drop what I was doing and go get one. The Coconutty is Thrive's flagship smoothie made with the meat and water of a young coconut - freshly hacked. Throw in a couple cashews, agave, sea salt and ice and you have a smoothie with the consistency of a thick milkshake that tastes like vanilla pudding. Sizes range from 9 to 24 ounces with prices starting at $5. I highly recommend spending an extra buck for an add-on: vanilla bean (which I chose), cookies-n-cream, mocha or chocolate. Really, really delicious.

'Tis The Celesital Sea-son.
For about the same price, my smoothie companion ordered the Celestial Sea which is described as "a heavenly almond-coconut delight paired with glorious greens." Really, it's fresh coconut blended with fresh mint, agave, almond butter and cacao. Oh, and lots of greens. What those greens are, exactly, I don't know. I'm going to guess kale plays a large role, considering it is a main ingredient in several of their other drinks. The Celestial Sea is a raw protein lover's dream! It tastes a lot like the super green smoothies you've probably tasted, but with more of a prevalent coconut- almond flavor.

I really enjoyed my Coconutty, but it didn't make my knees didn't buckle. It did, however, make me want to order another one immediately, which I suspect would make my wallet buckle if nothing else.

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