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Slip into a seat at the parlor bar at Frank's.
The Place: Frank's Oysterhouse and Champagne Parlor , 2616 NE 55th St, 525-0220

The Hours:


Slurp Some Cheap Bivalves at Frank's

franks parlor.jpg
Slip into a seat at the parlor bar at Frank's.
The Place: Frank's Oysterhouse and Champagne Parlor, 2616 NE 55th St, 525-0220

The Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 5pm-6:30pm dining room & parlor; 10pm-11pm parlor only. Closed Sunday and Monday.

The Deal: $1.50 oysters on the half shell, $2 off snacks and small plates. $1 off Frank's cocktails; $6 cocktail of the day; $5-6 house white, red or sparkling; $3.50 pints of beer.

The Digs: Frank's is nestled into an older, low-rise strip of businesses a few blocks from University Village. The "parlor" is a fancy way to say "bar," but the interior of Frank's parlor lives up to the name. There are high-back chairs and sofas and swiveling leather bar stools, mixed with wood-clad walls and dangling chandeliers. We arrived right at 5pm and had the place to ourselves for about half an hour. By the time we left at 7pm, the parlor at Frank's was still only half-full.

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Oysters are served on an elongated ice tray for maximum chill.
Oysters are the best deal - and the best choice - on the happy hour menu. When you have "oyster" in your name, you better offer up some fresh and tasty bivalves, shuck them expertly and serve them icy cold with nothing more than a wedge of lemon or tangy mignonette. Frank's does this, plus gives you a nice selection of Pacific Northwest oysters to choose from. On a recent visit, my companion and I were given the choice of Snow Creek, Deer Creek, Kumamoto, and Deep Bay. Oysters come served on an elongated tray of molded ice with your choice of mignonette. We also ordered some fried razor clams, the pickle & salami plate, and bacon popcorn. The last of which would be a decision we'd come to regret.

For drinks, we each started out with a glass of the house sparkling wine called Silver Cap, a non-Champagne French sparkler. It was far too sweet for me, so I moved on to the cocktail of the day, The Commodore. This was a slightly watered down mix of rye whiskey, lemon juice and sugar with a dash of orange bitters.

Verdict: The oysters are delicious and a decent deal at $1.50 a pop. I would have preferred a crisp, dry Champagne to accompany the oysters and would probably consider a glass of white wine or a draft beer on my next visit.

The other dishes are pretty meager for the price, though the fried razor clams are addictively salty and delicious. For the price of the drinks, I could never get drunk enough to enjoy the bacon popcorn. We managed to mindlessly eat half the bowl, but I smelled like smoky bacon the rest of the night. While it's usually true that everything is better with bacon, that's not the case with popcorn.

If you find yourself in the Northeast end of the city, opposite that OTHER oyster bar, Frank's is a good place for some crisp, refreshing oysters. They aren't cheap and neither are the drinks, but the atmosphere is relaxed and cozy, the service is efficient and the oysters are delicious.

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