Salumi's Armandino Batali Featured On Porky 2011 Calendar

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Get a load of Mr. March!
While 2011 is The Year of The Rabbit, it's going to be The Year of The Pig as far as I'm concerned with my new American Salumi calendar already hanging by my desk.

I managed to get Mr. December (aka Armandino Batali) to autograph it for me when I was at Salumi for lunch last week, after standing in a long line in the pouring rain. (The braised oxtail, the meatball and the steaming bowl of soup at the end of the line made it all worth it.)

The calendar features salumi specialists from around the country, a spectacular centerfold with every type of cured meat you can imagine (see how many you've tried), lessons on how to cure your own and a history of salumi making in this country. Which is where Armandino comes in. "Before Armandino, there were only cold cuts," the calendar reads.

While the former Boeing engineer has stepped away from the day-to-day operation when his daughter Gina Batali and her husband Brian D'Amato became partners several years ago, he's still there many Thursdays, visiting with regulars, posing for photos with ga-ga tourists, even signing the occasional autograph.

The American Salumi calender is $12.95 and can be ordered here.

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