Lighting Our Faces on Fire At The Wing Dome


On Tuesday, December 7, the West Seattle Wing Dome (at 4523 California Avenue) will host a competition of epic proportions--a chicken-wing-eating contest which only the toughest, sauciest, most extreme heat-junkies will survive. It will start with seven teams of two--fourteen brave competitors--all eating naked wings, but quickly progressing up the scale of heat until the bravest few reach the 7-alarm level of heat. Those who can handle one mouthful of chicken-and-napalm will then eat another. And another. And another. Until finally, everyone else falls by the wayside, starts deep-throating fire extinguisher nozzles, and one winner is crowned--the hungriest, most leather-tongued and bad-assy-est wing eater out there.

Seattle Weekly is participating in this year's Wing Dome 7-Alarm Challenge. And our champions? Two 100-pound girls...

Yes, you read that right. Because this is a media-only contest (and is operating as the kickoff for the Wing Dome's "Give Two Cents" promotion, whereby it will give two cents for every wing eaten throughout the month of December to Northwest Harvest), Seattle Weekly staffers Erika Hobart (who enjoys eating fire and drinking napalm in her spare time) and Erin Thompson (who uses military-grade pepper spray as a breath freshener) will be stepping up to the plate and eating wings in our name.

Really, all the other media types out there should just give up now and save themselves the shame and embarrassment of being schooled in public. But since they probably won't, here are the details for those of you who'd like to come out and cheer the ladies on in their inevitable march to tasty, tasty victory: Wing Dome's 7-Alarm Challenge For Charity: Tuesday, December 7 at 6:30pm at the West Seattle Wing Dome location. Wing Dome will not only be donating two cents for every wing eaten during the contest, but the winning team will also have a monetary donation made in their name to Northwest Harvest.

And all you other wing freaks out there, don't forget: Wing Dome is going to be making two-cent donations throughout December for every single wing eaten (and is hoping to make it to 400,000 wings by December 31). So if you find yourself with a hunger for some wings, why not try doing some good for the hungry while you're doing some good for your own belly?

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