Jon Stewart vs. Glenn Beck on the Senate's New Food Safety Bill (Trust Me, It's WAY Funnier Than It Sounds)

For the past couple days, Republicans in Washington (the other Washington) have been making a lot of noise about how ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is going to get done until the President of the United States rolls over, plays dead and, basically, allows the GOP to do whatever the hell they want--most of which seems to revolve around gathering up what few dollars are left in this country and handing them out like candy to their rich and powerful friends.

There have been strongly-worded letters passed back and forth (which, among politicians, is kind of like trading body blows). There have been threats (which, among normal people, are generally what occurs right before someone actually hits someone else). But amid all this bickering and log jammin', two days ago the senate did manage to pass one piece of legislation. And Jon Stewart had some questions.

"What legislation was so uncontroversial," he asked on the Daily Show last night, "it was able to unify the Hatfields and McCoys of the world's most deliberative body?"

Why the Food Safety Bill, of course--which stands to fund an increase in inspections of food processing facilities and improve the enforcement powers of the FDA by giving it the power to institute recalls. Glenn Beck, though, was four-square against it...

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Best line? Stewart's mocking response to Beck: "Yes, that damn FDA. Started 100 years ago just to make sure those milk bottles you got were full of milk instead of white paint and rat shit."

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