This just came in the mail yesterday.


John Howie Steak Offers $2,011


John Howie Steak: In Case You Happen to Have an Extra $2,000 Laying Around...

This just came in the mail yesterday.


John Howie Steak Offers $2,011 Per Couple New Years Eve 'Best Meal You Will Ever Have'"

Really, John Howie? A "brighter shine" is how you want to describe things right now? On the day that the top story in the news is Governor Gregoire's new budget which will have kindergarten students eating paste for lunch (as opposed to only during craft time) and the state Park's Department holding bikini car washes just to raise money to keep the meth cookers at bay? In a shopping complex which is already struggling to find the careless, wealthy and news-averse shoppers that it needs to survive? At a time when people are arguing not over how bad unemployment currently is but how bad it has to get before former hedge fund managers and CEO's start donning lacrosse pads and taking to the roads Mad Max-style? In an age when human feet continue to litter our once-proud beaches, as obvious proof of a man-eating supershark (or possibly a carnivorous Sasquatch) stalking our coastlines?

"Brighter shine," John? That's really the wording you want to use?

Well, in case you do have an extra two grand burning a hole in your pocket (and don't want to use it to buy Christmas whiskey for itinerant journalists, hint hint), here are the details on what $2011 will buy you at John Howie Steak:

Hor's d'oeuvres

Shigoku Oysters with Dom Perignon Champagne Granita

Deviled Eggs, Crème Fraiche, Osetra Caviar

Tempura Fried Alaskan King Crab Merus

Australian "A5" Wagyu Carpaccio on Beechers Reserve Bread Sticks

Krug, Grand Cuvee, MV, France

Celery Root Soup

Dungeness Crab, Shaved Black Truffle and Lemon-Truffle Oil

2006 Didier Dageneau Pouilly-Fume 'Silex'

Duo of Foie Gras

Torchon d' Foie Gras

Granny Smith Apple Conserve,

Crispy Cinnamon Meringue and Apple Sticks

Seared Foie Gras

Grilled Figs, Pomegranate-Maple Reduction, Vanilla French Toast

2000 Disznoko"5 Puttonyos" Tokaji, Hungary

Butter Poached Maine Lobster


Crispy Vegetable Chips, Roasted Red & Yellow Tomato Coulis

2006 Marcassin "Three Sisters" Chardonnay, Sonoma, CA

Heirloom Granny Smith Apple Sauterne Ice

Australian "A5" Wagyu Beef Tenderloin

Creamy Russet Potato Stack, Veal Glace, Ruby Port Reduction

2003 Harlan Estate, California & 1997 Chateau Lafite Rothschild, France

Cheese Course

Assorted Cheeses, Honey, and Nuts

Jacques Selosse "Exquise" demi sec, France

Trio of Chocolate

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake, Pot D' Crème, Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart

1985 Vial Magneres Banyuls, France

Cookies & Chocolates

Assorted Fresh Baked Cookies and Hand Made Truffles

Remy Martin, Louis the XIII, Cognac Grand Fine Champagne

2011 New Year Toast

Louis Roederer, "Cristal" France

French Press Illy Café Coffee

And okay, so that really does sound like a killer menu. The celery root soup, the lobster and the Wagyu tenderloin courses alone are the kinds of things that some well-to-do foodies dream of, and the whole thing is being couched as a "pull out all the stops" dining experience and "the best meal you'll ever have." But still, that price tag is the kind of thing that most people will choke on. And even those who can afford it might be a little bit hesitant about dropping that kind of coin on a single meal (for two) when no one seems to know what fresh disasters tomorrow might bring.

Those who are interested, though? A couple things to remember. One, that total does not include tax or tip. And even by Seattle's skin-flint tipping standards, that's another $375 you're gonna be laying down before the night is over.

Two, reserve a cab or a car service in advance. There's a lot of booze on that list, and you're not going to want to miss a drop.

Three, this dinner is estimated to run at least four hours, and probably more like five--from 8pm 'til well after the start of the New Year.

Four, reservations are extremely limited, so give a ring now to John Howie Steak at 425-440-0880 if you're thinking about springing for this bachanalia.

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