Hey! That's Lark's John Sundstrom In Saveur

Chef John Sundstrom's over the moon about Ovaltine and says so in Saveur.
The January-February issue of this fancy food mag features 100 Chefs from around the country and their favorite things. Seattle's well represented by Lark's John Sundstrom, who offered up a surprisingly nostalgic suggestion: Drink Your Ovaltine!

"When I got the request, I threw some ideas together, stuff like eating Dungeness crab on the beach," the James Beard-award winning chef said.

The magazine's editorial staff seized on the malty, chocolate-y childhood favorite, though. Among high-tech gadgets and precious ingredients, it's like a splash of icy water on a sultry day.

"It's part of our morning ritual," Sundstrom said. "While my wife and I drink coffee, our son Owen sips Ovaltine. It's our 15 minutes of coming alive."

Has Ovaltine ever made an appearance on the menu at Lark?

No, but Ovaltine ice cream has been served occasionally next door at Licorous, where his sous chef stages a sort-of pop-up restaurant called Shophouse every Monday featuring Thai street food. Wiley Frank and his wife, Poncharee Kounpungchart, returned from a year in Thailand and are cooking up the kind of food that's made Portland's Pok Pok such a superstar. The couple are working toward opening their own place. In the meantime, check out Shophouse on Mondays at Licorous. Maybe they'll have Ovaltine ice cream on the menu in honor of chef Sundstrom's appearance in Saveur!

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