Here's Our Top 3 Grillaxin Recipes Of 2010

dezi boznow.jpg
Photo by Leslie Kelly
Dahlia Lounge sous chef Dezi Boznow is like a mad scientist when it comes to make kimchi.
It was a very good year as far as we're concerned here in the Grillaxin department. We got to gab with a whole bunch of smart people who have mad skills in the kitchen. We learned a few things and picked up some incredible recipes along the way. Thanks to everyone who shared their stories and the dishes they created. Read part one and part two of this week's Grillaxin for more of the top preparations from 2010.

1. Making kimchi requires a real commitment. It takes time. It gets better after it cures under the influence of salt and spice. Dahlia Lounge sous chef Dezi Boznow has been on a quest to come up with the world's most brilliant kimchi for a couple of years now. He's like this mad scientist of fermented cabbage, taking the fiery finished product and introducing it in unexpected places. Like in this elegant clam creation. It makes us hot just thinking about it.

2. Holly Smith is as bubbly as a glass of Champagne, but as down to earth as a PBR. We're smitten by pretty much everything that comes out of her stellar kitchen at Cafe Juanita and thrilled to find out she loves to share the spotlight with her incredibly skilled kitchen crew. This ridiculously delicious risotto might be best made in the summer or fall when squash blossoms show up in farmers markets and in home gardens, but there are nuggets of wisdom that can be gleaned in this recipe that are applicable any day of the year. (Hint: She prefers Carnaroli rice to traditional Arborio.)

matt lewis1.jpg
Photo by Leslie Kelly
Where Y'At Matt's gumbo is damn fine.
3. The man behind Where Y'at Matt is the real deal when it comes to making authentic New Orleans-style cuisine. He grew up in the Crescent City and it shows. While this gumbo Matthew Lewis shared isn't exactly the top-secret family recipe he makes for his adoring fans, it's still everything you look for in that fiery stew.
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