"Vessel announced its final day at 1312 5th Avenue will be this Thursday, December 23. The cocktail lounge will open in a new location next


Greatest Hits And What You Missed: Turkeys, Vienna Sausages and Gingerbread


"Vessel announced its final day at 1312 5th Avenue will be this Thursday, December 23. The cocktail lounge will open in a new location next spring or summer - details have yet to be announced."

Just the kind of Morning Food News that gets your day started off right.


"With the photos, I chose those that I thought were most lovely or most fully captured the essence of what was being shot--be it a beautiful plate of potatoes or a server at the end of a long night. But with the top 10 posts of the year, I went straight to you, the readers--running back through 360-some days worth of bloggity nonsense to find those which were most heavily read by the public.

These were the pieces that drew the most eyeballs, got passed around the most, were the most read. In that, they represent the collective, click-happy subconscious of the reading public. They must, simply by dint of being the most read, be those things that you were most interested in throughout the year. And what your choices tell me is that you folks are just weird."

From this week's list of the "10 Top Voracious Posts of 2010," parts 1 and 2.


"Packed with frosting, chocolate and fantastical candy creations, the entire display begs the question: how many calories are in a gingerbread mansion?"

A question which is answered in this week's post, "How Many Calories Are In A Gingerbread Mansion?"

Photo courtesy myballard.com

"So with that rumor finally put to bed, we moved onto one of the other big stories that's been making the rounds of the restaurant world for the past few weeks: the story that restaurateur Tom Douglas is secretly involved somehow in the new 5 Corner Market that just opened in the former home of Lombardi's (also in Ballard).

This has been one of those rumors that just will not die. And it's ridiculous for a couple of reasons..."

From "Rumormongering: 5 Corner Market and Tom Douglas"


"I'm not much of a chocolatier, but I've watched my dad temper chocolate and make truffles a dozen times or so. The transformation that takes place during the tempering process is fascinating, and it only becomes more curious with my first attempt to temper using sous vide. Notice the pattern of dark, shiny dots and lines? I didn't put it there."

From "The Strange Effects of Tempering Chocolate With a Sous Vide Machine," another offering from the Seattle Food Geek.


"The holidays are upon us, but unless your uncle is Grant Achatz, you probably won't be eating anything original. Holiday food is staid and traditional and, in most cases, terrible, because it's highly unlikely your grandma was a semifinalist on Top Chef. So here are the top five GROSSEST holiday foods that are simply unavoidable this time of year."

From "The Top 5 Grossest Holiday Foods." No surprise here: Turkey made the list.


"Just because it's fancy, doesn't mean it's good. These holiday party dishes from a can are prime examples of keeping it real - real cheap, real processed, real old school, but most importantly, real interesting."

Included in this week's "7 Holiday Party Dishes From A Can," bacon pinwheels, green bean casserole and all sorts of uses for those gross little Vienna sausages.

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