"Brave is the food truck operator who stays open during some of the crappiest weather Seattle has seen this year. The past several days have


Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Tron, Porn, Tacos and Fruitcake


"Brave is the food truck operator who stays open during some of the crappiest weather Seattle has seen this year. The past several days have been nothing but heavy rain and flooding, and yet, just feet from the watery roadways remain the glowing 'open' lights of mobile food trucks, turning out hot food for those of us chilled to the bone. This week in Versus, we pay homage to two of our favorite taco trucks -- the lights at the end of our hydroplaning tunnels and the unsung heroes of our city's blustery days. When it comes to the best pork tacos, which taco truck proves the best spot for pigging out?"

Just a taste of "Versus: Taco Truck Takedown"--a face-off between Beloved Mexico and Tacos el Asadero.


"Yesterday morning, as I looked out the window at sheets of relentless rain, I heaved a gigantic self-pitying sigh and thought, 'Shit. I'm never going to eat kale again.'"

From "God Save The Greens," in which CSA Autumn laments the state of hearty winter greens.


"Today, the folks over at Daily Meal came up with a list of the 10 Most Disgusting Cocktail Names. They had the Buzzard's Breath (which is actually rather minty and almondy) and Sewer Water (just a mix of gin and fruity liqueurs), the Salty Dog (a classic--gin and grapefruit juice with salt) and the Windex (also known as a Brain Cleaner, but not to be confused with the Minderaser).

Problem is, none of their drinks were really disgusting. And even the names weren't all that bad.

So what we thought was that what the world might need on this Monday afternoon was a list of some truly disgusting cocktails--real bottom-of-the-barrel shots that no one has done since college and most sane people have probably never tried at all.

Enjoy at your own risk..."

From "10 Worst Cocktails Ever," our collection of 10 of the most terrible things you could ever do to your liver.


This is why nobody cuts sugar with a laser.

From "Why Nobody Cuts Sugar With A Laser," in which the Seattle Food Geek tries to do exactly that.


"Okay, so we've all heard this before, right? Lunchbox Laboratory--the small and falling-to-pieces workshop where Scott Simpson and crew create some of the loveliest, most heart-attackiest burgers known to man (see some samples here), is closing. Or is about to close. Or closed last night without anyone knowing.

We've written about the rumors of LL's death and destruction that occasionally ripple through the restaurant world grapevine. And we've heard all manner of fanciful tales of imminent doom and disaster.

Only this time? This time it seems like the rumors are true."

From "Lunchbox Laboratory To Close, Promises To Reopen Bigger and Better."


"Whether you avoid one at your Aunt Sue's ugly sweater party, or are the unfortunate recipient of one at your office secret Santa exchange, chances are you'll encounter your share of stank-nasty, unidentifiable fruitcakes this season. While traditionally "Fruitcake" referred to anything from a brick-hard neon bread puck to the sleazy guy claiming to be your cousin's husband's brother, we believe it's time to change the face of this re-gifted classic. Without further ado, here are five "most" edible versions that'll have you reconsidering where you spend your calories this winter."

One little slice from "The 5 Most Edible Fruitcakes," a story about eating the inedible.


"This is the greatest thing man has ever done with a potato: the Potatoes Minneapolis at Kevin Davis's Blueacre Seafood."

Just the first picture from our collection, "Friday Food Porn: The Best of 2010, Part 2"


"Ladies and gentlemen, meet Britt Billmaier--one of the 30 sacrificial lambs women set to compete for the televised love of Brad Womack on the 15th season of ABC's The Bachelor.

So why, you may ask, am I talking about some ridiculous dating reality show on a Seattle food blog?

Well, two reasons. One, the delightfully cheery looking Ms. Billmaier was born and raised right here in Woodinville, WA., making her one of three local competitors attempting to find true love (or at least 15 minutes of fame) through reality television. Which is really just so goddamned romantic that I'm surprised William Shakespeare isn't coming back from the dead just to write a play about it.

And two, Billmaier is apparently a chef, food stylist, food writer and restaurant critic."

Kinda. Read all about it (and her) in "Food Writers Gone Wild: Hot NSFW Pics of Sexy Coeds and a Washington Restaurant Critic on The Bachelor"


"Did Thai food even exist in 1982? I mean the U.S.-imported, ubiquitous food-court and mall eateries that have since made it, arguably, the nation's second favorite "foreign" cuisine after Mexican. In 1982, I'd venture to guess, Seattle probably had a half-dozen Thai food restaurants. Today, there must be 100 or more. (They're like Canada geese, permanent residents.) 1982 was the year of the first Tron, Disney's audacious attempt to catch up with George Lucas and Star Wars with a sci-fi epic of its own--one that took place partly inside a video game! 12-year-old boys everywhere were transfixed: While the Star Wars trilogy took place a long time ago in a galaxy far away, Tron took place in your local video arcade. (This before home video games became the norm.) Tron made pioneering use of computer effects, but the story... eh, left something to be desired. Yet the film grew in reputation as those young boy gamers and sci-fi geeks grew to become adults. Several of whom today will be taking their own sons to see Tron: Legacy in 3-D at the Cinerama, Thornton Place, and other big screens. Sigh. How far we have come from basic Casio watches and Texas Instruments pocket calculators..."

Nerds of the world unite! It's Tron and Thai food in this week's Dinner & A Movie.

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