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Ladies and gentlemen, meet Britt Billmaier--one of the 30 sacrificial lambs women set to compete for the televised love of Brad Womack


Food Writers Gone Wild: Hot NSFW Pics of Sexy Coeds and a Washington Restaurant Critic on The Bachelor

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Ladies and gentlemen, meet Britt Billmaier--one of the 30 sacrificial lambs women set to compete for the televised love of Brad Womack on the 15th season of ABC's The Bachelor.

So why, you may ask, am I talking about some ridiculous dating reality show on a Seattle food blog?

Well, two reasons. One, the delightfully cheery looking Ms. Billmaier was born and raised right here in Woodinville, WA., making her one of three local competitors attempting to find true love (or at least 15 minutes of fame) through reality television. Which is really just so goddamned romantic that I'm surprised William Shakespeare isn't coming back from the dead just to write a play about it.

And two, Billmaier is apparently a chef, food stylist, food writer and restaurant critic.

No! For reals! Click through the jump for the details, and some hot (and only slightly NSFW) pics from her days at Stanford--where, we assume, she was working hard on her culinary career.

Obviously, this was her chef's uniform while working the line at T.J. McTitties
Okay, so maybe not quite for reals. After searching online, I could find absolutely no mention of Billmaier ever even flipping a short stack at Denny's, let alone wearing the whites as a real chef (though says she did time at the California Culinary Academy). She does have some credits as a "food stylist," including this treacle and this artistic carrot, and as a blogger for the San Francisco Chronicle (where she worked for a few months as a freelancer, writing stories like "Welcome Summer With Sweet Chilled Melon"). And she did do a little bit of restaurant criticism. "A little bit" meaning about a half-dozen pieces over the past few months. And "criticism" meaning this.

But hey, who am I to judge? The girl is 25. She's got a degree in communications from Stanford and a pet rabbit named Norbert. And she has a job that does not involve a pole. As far as reality TV contestants go, that's impressive. And considering what I was doing at 25...

Well, I can't really remember most of my 25th year, but I know for sure that I wasn't working for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Anyway, here's a couple more snaps of the lovely Ms. Billmaier, courtesy of Coed Magazine (which is really NSFW), and brief details on the other two local ladies competing this year.

Hey, I think I've seen this movie...

"Wait, you want me to do what on TV?"

I think she's looking for where the back of her shirt went

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This is Jessica. She's an operations manager from Seattle and, on her official The Bachelor profile, talks about peeing her pants. Nice...

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And this is Chantal, from Mercer Island. Her profile is dull as dirt, but Seattlest has a bit more info on her--including the fact that she's the daughter of former Seahawk Mike O'Brien and was briefly married to Jason Vena of the band Acceptance.

So that's it, folks. And I'm sure the next time I find myself writing about The Bachelor will be when Britt gets fired or dismissed or voted off the island or whatever it is they do with the girls who, for whatever reason, aren't good enough to fake-marry some dolt on TV.

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