Eat Pizza at Flying Squirrel, Do Some Good In the Neighborhood

This is how much Rocky The Flying Squirrel likes pizza
It's never been easy being a small, neighborhood movie theater. But these days--what with the big chains muscling in on your turf, the prevalence of 3D screens and IMAX screens, and the fact that most of the movies out there today just flat suck and aren't worth the $27.50 it'll cost you for a ticket--it's harder than ever to make a couple screens and a dream pay.

Take, for example, the Columbia City Cinema. It's a small place, down on Rainier Avenue, with just three screens and an $8 ticket price. And the place is hurting. Just a couple weeks ago, it attempted to raise $50,000 by having a kinda-totally-illegal "public offering" of "stock" in the company, priced at a buck a share. Unfortunately, that didn't work out so well (the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions ordered the cinema to stop selling stock and will be fining the place for violating the Washington Securities Act), so now the Cinema needs to come up with $50,000 some other way.

Like maybe a bake sale. Or a car wash. Or by cutting a deal with their neighbor, Flying Squirrel Pizza, which will sell a whole bunch of pizzas and then donate the money to the Cinema. Brilliant! And, in this case, completely legal!

Here's the details: Go down to the Seward Park location of Flying Squirrel either tonight or tomorrow night, buy some pie, and...

Well, that's pretty much it. According to the Columbia City Cinema, "All proceeds from sales at the Seward Park location of Flying Squirrel Pizza Co. will benefit the fundraising effort at the Columbia City Cinema." So basically, you buy a pizza from Flying Squirrel and it's like you just donated all that green to Columbia City Cinema. Plus got a pizza out of the deal. Nice, right?

Cinema owner Paul Doyle has said that he needs to raise $50,000 before the end of the year (which is, like, really coming right up) in order to upgrade the sprinkler system. If he doesn't, the place is going to have to close come the 1st of the year.

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