Deck the Balls with Cacao and Agave

Photo by Julien Perry
And now, for a really awesome chocolate recommendation.

Yes, this chocolate is raw, vegan and gluten free, but it is decadent enough for the biggest chocoholic. I swear!

These truffles from UliMana come 9 to a jar and cost (like most raw foods) a hefty sum: $12.99. And that's if you can find them at a grocery store, which I did recently in San Francisco. If you order them online, which I plan to do since I can't seem to find them in Seattle, they'll set you back $15, which includes shipping and handling.

The good thing about shopping for these truffles online is that you can find all of the flavors in once place. Generally, a store will only carry a select few, but on UliMana's website, you'll find all seven varieties. I've tried both the peppermint and dark cacao. The latter is the big winner in my book. Both truffles were super rich and milky, tasting like they were bursting with cream and sugar, when in reality, the ingredient list is much more earthy.

Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Agave, Organic Cacao Butter, Ground Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic Vanilla Beans, and Celtic Sea Salt are the only ingredients used to make these delectible sweets.

I liked the dark chocolate ones the best, because they reminded me of the traditional truffles I know and love. The peppermint ones tasted a little too 'essential oil' in my opinion. I love a fake mint flavor as much as the next person, but this peppermint oil Maybe it just doesn't mix well with cacao and agave. Who knows.

One thick truffle has only 70 calories, which is great, because that's all you'll need (okay, maybe two) to surpress your sweet tooth for the rest of the day. Really!

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