7 Holiday Party Dishes From a Can

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Just because it's fancy, doesn't mean it's good. These holiday party dishes from a can are prime examples of keeping it real - real cheap, real processed, real old school, but most importantly, real interesting.

So if you're being dragged to yet another holiday party involving extended family or hundreds of co-workers whose names you can't recall, whip one of these little majestic beauties up in a jiffy. In these cases, your dish might not be classy, but the tasty proof is in the pudding, (or dip, casserole, cheese ball...you get the idea).

Campbell's® Green Bean Casserole.jpg
Credit: Campbell's Soup

Campbell's® Green Bean Casserole

Ah, the old standby. While you're better off just eating it and not dissecting the ingredients, this age-old side dish comprised of at least three ingredients coming from cans still tastes just as good as when your Granny made it in 1985. Thank god for French's® French Fried Onions.

Bottomless Pit Bean Dip.jpg

Bottomless Pit Bean Dip

A little known secret and an original recipe from the family vault of yours truly, this versatile, yet oddly vomitous-looking bowl of equal parts refried beans, salsa and cream cheese is the party pleaser year after year. Share it and you will be forced to bring it to every football party, graduation and Fourth of July cook out from now on.

Crescent Bacon-Cheddar Pinwheels_2.jpg
Credit: Pilsbury via www.allrecipes.com

Crescent Bacon-Cheddar Pinwheels

Any stove-challenged yayhoo can slap these ingredients together and end up with something edible (if not identifiable). Cheese? Good. Baco-bits? Good. Ranch? Goo- Wait - what? Why are we putting salad dressing on top of Crescent Roll Dough? Never mind, everything here comes out of a can or bag, so this is party approved!

Cottage Cheese Onion Dip.jpg

Cottage Cheese Dip

Besides the fact that cottage cheese has maybe the worst texture in the history of all things dairy, this little pre-Christmas -dinner-buffet staple has been around as long as it's second ingredient - Onion Soup Mix. Seriously, is there any other recipe that calls for Onion Soup Mix? Oh, right...

Vienna Sausage-and-apple-appetizers.jpg
Credit: www.apple-recipes-with-good-taste.com

Vienna Sausage and Apple Appetizers

Remember building emergency kits in elementary school? For some reason Vienna Sausages were always on the list of items to purchase and keep on hand. Thank god we never had to break into those kits! Now someone is suggesting we voluntarily make a dish with them? That's borderline crazy talk...but just crazy enough to try out on unsuspecting part goers!

Salmon Party Ball Ingredients.jpg

Salmon Party Ball

Something about fish in the shape of, well, anything other than a fish just seems wrong. Although the Fillet-o-Fish is still going strong (come to think of it, I do love Fish Sticks). Whatever! Fish Ball = creepy, okay? At least the rest of the ingredients are normal enough to give this party ball a fighting chance between the cheese log and Jell-O salad.

Chili Dog Casserole.jpg
Credit: www.allrecipes.com

Chili Dog Casserole

You lost me at hot dog bun. Honestly. Can, bag, squirt bottle - this freak show of a casserole is one part hang over meal and two parts frat house. Between the chili, mustard and hot dogs this is either the best party dish ever (getting rid of 80% of your cupboard leftovers for 2010), or a first class ticket to open heart surgery with a side of Pepcid. Who wants seconds?!

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