What's the Grossest/Best Way to Use Leftover Turkey?

Three years ago, here on Voracious, I explained a family day-after-Thanksgiving tradition: Volcano Day. Basically you pile leftover turkey over rice; top it with cheese and gravy; add a variety of vegetables, nuts and fruits; and throw on a maraschino cherry.

It looks like barf, tastes delicious, and is one of the things I am most thankful for.

The full ingredient list is after the jump, pile it on your plate in order and enjoy. And tell us your favorite non-trad, bizarre way to use leftover turkey in the comments.

Happy Volcano Day!

1. Rice

2. Chinese Fried Noodles

3. Turkey

4. Gravy

5. Cheddar Cheese

6. Tomatoes

7. Celery

8. Green Onions

9. Crushed Pineapple

10. More Gravy

11. Coconut

12. Slivered Almonds

13. Cherries

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