Thursday Food Porn: Hot Beef Injection

Photo courtesy Norma Rosenthal

This is the "Kiss Your Hips Goodbye" burger from John Howie Steak--recently renamed after a little legal dust-up with the Arizona-based Heart Attack Grill and written about at length right here on Voracious. It is 12 ounces of prime chuck burger, tempura fried Kurobuta bacon and onion rings stuck between two grilled cheese sandwiches oozing with Tillamook cheddar and Swiss cheese and is the kind of thing that might require a "Triple By-Pass" after eating--even if we're not legally allowed to say that kind of thing anymore.

Photo courtesy Edward Sargent

This is the Dork Burger.

Why is it called the Dork burger? It's not a commentary on those who would go out of their way to order it, but rather references the duck and pork patty used in its construction.

Photo courtesy Zibby Wilder

So this burger might not look like much to the untrained eye, but in this case, it's what's inside that counts. Because believe it or not, this is a vegan bacon cheeseburger from Wayward Vegan Cafe.

Photo courtesy Armin Ausejo

Yeah, you can get this in Seattle. So, seriously? What are you waiting for? Everyone dies sometime...

Photo courtesy pouryourheartintoit, via flickr

You can lick the screen. We won't tell.

Okay, you done? This one comes from Lunchbox Laboratory, natch--the kings of porn-y burgers and excess.

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