The Best Reason to Participate in Shameless Holiday Consumerism (Hint: Tiny Grease Bombs)

Photos by Matthew Piel
The Stop: Westlake

The Vibe: Buy, buy, buy!

In almost every shop window surrounding the light rail's northern terminus is a poster announcing holiday sales, hokey stenciled seasonal platitudes, or a mannequin in a sparkling party dress. A carousel spins in the plaza. And a temporary addition to Nordstrom houses a live Santa. Towering above it all is Macy's five-story, blindingly bright star.

The Café: Next to the carousel is a rare sight in downtown Seattle--a food truck. The name tells you everything you need to know about the fare: Mini Donuts.

The temporary café caters to the children flooding Westlake to see Santa or ride the plastic horses. At least I assume that's the point of Mini Donuts given that the entire food item list reads like a Denny's kids' menu: fries (with cheese and/or gravy), chicken fingers, and its namesake.

A five note gets you a bag containing about a dozen crunchy, greasy, sugary, cinnamon-covered donuts. $9 gets you two bags.

The donuts have a dual purpose. First they provide a much needed snack to survive the hell that is holiday shopping. The many tiny morsels are also a cheap way to bribe good behavior out of any children for which you might be responsible.

You can also get a hot chocolate to keep you warm for a steep $3. It comes from the same dispenser you'll find at a 7 Eleven. We recommend sticking to those bags 'o grease bombs.

The woman behind the counter tells me that Mini Donuts' time of pushing you even closer to the brink of a diabetic coma during the holidays will come to a close at the end of December. So get thee to the light rail and head north.

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