Snow Day!

Yes, folks, today is a snow day. Businesses are closed all over the city. The streets are quiet. People are freed (at least temporarily) from the grind of their jobs. But we here at Voracious HQ are still working hard for you. Granted, most of us are doing so while sitting on our couches, wrapped in blankets and sipping hot cocoa (it still counts as cocoa if the mug is mostly filled with Bailey's, right?), but still...

Now after ten years of working as a modern, 21st century journalist, I don't have a lot of illusions left. I understand that the vast majority of our Voracious readers are stoned college students looking for pictures of hamburgers, angry loners, cooks and bored cubicle jockeys surfing the internets when their bosses aren't looking. And on a day like today, I know that our normal audience will be cut drastically as people, briefly loosed from their normal lives, spend their surprise snow day catching up on their TV watching at home, building anatomically correct snowmen in their front yards (that's my plan for later), trudging out into the streets to rescue the cars they abandoned last night, or just sit drinking alone in the dark.

But for those of you who are still online, still reading and still (somewhat) engaged with reality, I have a request...

I know there are some dedicated gastronauts out there who are going to use this snow day to huddle up in their favorite local restaurant and gorge themselves on snacks and whiskey. Yesterday, we discussed the best places in town to weather the coming storm, but now that the snow has come and gone, today I'm looking to you folks to let everyone know what restaurants are open, which ones are closed, and who is making the best use of this free time by throwing the best Snow Day party.

We'll use the comments section as a kind of catch-all for restaurant news for snow-blind grubniks. If you see a place that's called off service for the day, let everyone know. If you find yourself at a place that's throwing down blizzard-style, give us a shout. Drink specials? Abbreviated menus? Early closures? Let us know what you know and, together, we will all somehow survive the two inches of snow mildly nippy temperatures that have somehow totally paralyzed the city.

Like, for example, I happen to know that Bluebird Homemade Ice Cream is open and serving hot fudge sundaes. Lecosho is still doing business. The Bottleneck Lounge is pouring Irish coffees and Kahlua-and-cocoa starting at 4pm. The Walrus and the Carpenter is closed, as is BuiltBurger. Salty's on Alki has a limited lunch menu and is still debating dinner service, but the Benbow Room is pouring hot toddys for the neighbors.

Now it's your turn. So tell me, Seattle: what do you know?

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