Secrets of a Food Writer's Fridge: A College Man's Treasure Trove

The staples of a college diet, bacon, beer, heavy dairy, and bacon.

Name of food writer: Fernando Sioson

Position: Editorial Intern

Shame factor: Middling. While there's little in my fridge to properly sustain me in case of a zombie apocalypse, there's more than enough to keep me during those oft-encountered late work nights.

The goal here is fast sugar highs followed by even quicker inebriated lows. I'm in college, so anything I can make in less than 10 minutes to feed me for 6 hours is at the top of my grocery list. That can be anything from a four egg omelet topped with bacon to a fresh bowl of Beerios (Cheerios plus beer), with bacon on the side, or just bacon.

Contents of note: I like options. Dr Pepper, Squirt, and Canada Dry are the Holy Trinity of carbonated goodness. I also like beer options when the occasion calls for it. Pabst Blue Ribbon, Coors, and Guinness are three paths to the same beer belly five years from now.

Top shelf: Three gallons of milk, one non-fat, one 1 percent, and one 2 percent. I can't exactly taste the difference between the three varieties, I just like to get one of each because the caps are differently colored. I have serious reservations regarding whole milk, it's basically cream. I've also also got one serving of Tostitos salsa dip, but I'm too cheap to buy tortilla chips so it just sits there, unwanted.

Second shelf: Tillamook, Yami, and Yoplait yogurt cups to continue my theme of trifectas. These are great after a workout for quick energy. Eggs are there mostly to make brownies/omelets every so often. I buy cheap so the orange juice and most everything in here is store brand. My one saving grace is the party size jug of Adam's peanut butter.

Bottom shelf and drawers: Green apples, bagged Costco salad, bagged asparagus, and shredded cheese. I found out the hard way that one needs fruits and vegetables in their diet, and shredded cheese for homemade tacos del carbón.

Door Shelves: Dried apricots and blueberries serve as portable health options. I consider bacon and hot dogs to be power snacks. Maximum arterial clogging with minimal effort in the kitchen. Multiple flavors of Classico pasta sauce are proven french fry dipping companions and may occasionally be used in the creation of pasta. Two party size cans of Walls Family Farm raspberry jelly compliment my peanut butter obsession and a bag of fresh limes compliments my beer obsession just fine.

Other items not shown: My freezer is full of (not) lean ground beef and frozen chicken breasts sitting next to two bags of Oreida frozen french fries. Two pints of Private Selection ice cream satisfy my sweet tooth and a half bottle of Jim Beam whiskey scratches that late Saturday night itch.

What my fridge says about me: I'm a beer and meat fanatic who faces a deadly heart attack within the next few weeks. Luckily, I exercise to keep the cardiac arrest at bay. If a zombie apocalypse were to happen, I'd be holed up in my kitchen eating nothing but beer and bacon. I'm fine with that.

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