So if you made it down to Brouwer's Cafe on Saturday afternoon for the Seattle Weekly 's Home Brew Competition awards ceremony , you already


Seattle Weekly Home Brew Contest: Winners Announced

So if you made it down to Brouwer's Cafe on Saturday afternoon for the Seattle Weekly's Home Brew Competition awards ceremony, you already know who won all the big prizes and why. More than likely, you got yourself a little bit soused on the winning beer, brewed up courtesy of Big Al Brewing, and walked away with a free commemorative pint glass. And you already know that if you're in the mood for more, Brouwer's will be pulling pints of the winner for at least the next month.

And let me tell you, having been lucky enough to sample the winning brew, you might want to add Brouwer's to your itinerary. It's worth the trip for a couple pints of this stuff, which impressed not only me, but all of the other far more professional judges brought in for the competition tasting in September. Our choice was unanimous, which I think even surprised us.

Which isn't to say that all the other winners (each in their own categories, each with their own unique levels of awesomeness) weren't good, too. Click through the jump for a complete list of all the best of this year's home brewing crop.

Best In Show: Nate Muller, for his Belgian Dubbel, called "Ommeknate"

Best Stout/Porter: John Herman, for his Baltic Porter, called "Smokey Smoke"

Best Pale Ale/IPA: Mike Ritzer, for his IPA, called "Pucker Up"

Best Belgian: Ted Stone, for his Belgium Specialty Ale, called "Black Betty"

Best Wheat Beer: Mark Guth, for his Dunkelweisen, called "Summer Dunkel"

Best of the "Other" Category: DJ Moxley, for his American Brown Ale, called "BMW Brewing: Cardinal Ale"

So congratulations to Nate Muller and to all the other winners of this year's competition. And for those of you amateur zymurgists out there who didn't make the cut this time around? Now you've got 360-some days to perfect your recipes for next year's contest.

Ferment away, my friends. Ferment away...

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