Po Dog's Happy Birthday $1 Dog Special

Under normal circumstances, a Deep Fried Danger Dog at Po Dog will run ya $6.75, and that's without any extras.

A Veggie Dog is about six-and-a-quarter. A Morning Glory (with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, pepper bacon and a hot dog buried beneath it all) is even more expensive. And even the "normal" dog (the Classic) is almost five bucks, straight off the menu. People say a lot of things about Po Dog. No one ever says it's cheap--at least not by hot dog standards.

Or I guess I should say that, for 364 days, no one has said it was cheap. But on the 365th day--on the occasion of Po Dog's first birthday--the dogs will be very cheap indeed: selling for just a buck in celebration of a year's worth of high-end hot doggery.

Of course, there's a catch...

The catch is, the deal is only good this Sunday, November 14, only at the Po Dog on East Union (the original, and therefore the one celebrating the birthday). Also, it will only stretch to the first 365 people who come looking for dirt-cheap wieners, according to the Seattle Met's Nosh Pit blog. And even though 365 people sounds like a lot, Po Dog has a fair number of fairly dog-crazy fans, so you might want to show up early.

Way early.

What's more, starting on November 14, Po Dog will also be debuting its newest Special of the Month, as chosen by the customers, from among a spread of custom dogs designed by customers. "Jane's PoCampy" (a hot dog, topped with melted marshmallow, hot fudge and graham cracker crumbs) sounds a bit rough on the tum-tum, but I'm totally down with "Chad's Franks n' Beans Dog"--a bacon-wrapped dog, topped with baked beans, Tillamook cheddar and crispy onion straws.

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