I guess things are getting more than a little bit meta when I'm using my space on this food blog to write about a list


Orangette, Gluten-Free Girl Among 25 Top Food Blogs, As Chosen by The Daily Meal

I guess things are getting more than a little bit meta when I'm using my space on this food blog to write about a list of the best food blogs as chosen by another food blog.

But who cares, right? Because this Top 25, as put together by the folks over at The Daily Meal, used Google page rankings, numbers of unique visitors and all sorts of other crafty virtual measuring tools to determine which among a possible spread of 130 big-hitting food blogs was the most popular. And you know what? Seattleites made the list--not once, but twice.

Click through the jump to see the full list and who among us just got a little more famous.

The "25 Top Food Blogs," as determined by The Daily Meal:

25: Orangette (Congrats to Molly Wizenberg--local girl and part-owner, along with her husband, of Delancey)

24: Tartelette (A French girl living in South Carolina, writing about food and taking lovely snaps)

23: Gluten-Free Girl (Score another for Seattle. Author Shauna James Ahern has been running this gluten-free blog since 2005)

22: Chocolate & Zuchini (All about food and France and food)

21: Homesick Texan (The name pretty much says it all)

20: Gluten-Free Goddess (Sounds kinda familiar, doesn't it?)

19: Amateur Gourmet (It's the oldest story in the world... Former law student becomes a home cook, starts a blog, gets a book deal, winds up here)

18: Delicious Days

17: Pinch My Salt

16: Steamy Kitchen

15: David Lebovitz (From Chez Panisse to Paris to Blog-O-Land...)

14: Baking Bites (A lot of baking sites made this list. This is just the first)

13: Tastespotting (This was kind of a weird one. It's just pictures of food. Lots and lots of pictures of food, all with links out to the wider world of food bloggery)

12: Bitten (Mark Bittman's blog from the New York Times)

11: This Is Why You're Fat ("Where dreams become heart attacks")

10: Grub Street (New York Magazine's food blog)

9: Bakerella

8: Eater (I'm honestly surprised these guys didn't score higher)

7: Cake Wrecks (The hands-down funniest cake-related website ever created. Go there right now)

6: Smitten Kitchen

5: 101 Cookbooks

4: The Kitchn (4th most popular food blog out there, and I've never even heard of it. That's kinda weird...)

3: Pioneer Woman Cooks (I do, on the other hand, know Pioneer Woman quite well. Big fan)

2: Serious Eats (No offense, but I would've never guessed this would rank so high. Probably has something to do with heavy concentration of hamburger and donut-based photography contained therein)

1: Simply Recipes (Elise Bauer started this blog a few years ago as a kind of virtual recipe box. Now it is the most popular food blog in the world. You know what's on it? Recipes--and that's pretty much it)

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