Howdy Y'All: SNL Eats Butter with Paula Deen

The real Paula Deen, lovin' the muffin

It seems that this whole "obesity is killing us all" thing is really starting to have a chilling effect on the national food scene. Even our favorite celebrity chefs are not immune to the strong-arm tactics of the FDA, the First Lady, Jamie Oliver and everyone else out there who's hell-bent on making us eat healthy or else.

And so, on Saturday night (or, more accurately, on Saturday Night Live), Paula Deen--beloved southern belle, cook and butter pusher--was forced to go on the air hawking 8-ply paper towels called "Big Ol' Soakems," custom made for sucking all that butter and oil out of her traditional Southern cuisine.

Just wait and see what happens after all the butter and oil gets sucked out of her famous "Butter Crusted Drizzler Biscuits."

Now if only the real Paula Deen would go on the air and honestly say that anything cooked without butter and oil "tastes like fucking shit," I might watch her show a whole lot more often.

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