Gluttony for a Good Cause

Still smiling after six bowls of mashed potatoes
The scene-- a frenzy of competitors gorging themselves on heaping bowls of mashed potatoes --may have seemed like an ironic display of gluttony for a charity event, but in fact Sunday's eating contest and 5K race raised over $2,000 for Seattle's Union Gospel Mission.

Participants, including our very own Mike Seely, challenged themselves to finish as many bowls of mashed potatoes as possible within four minutes. Competitor technique varied--some chose to faceplant in the center of their mashed potatoes and essentially eat their way out, while others politely approached their bowls with a utensil and napkin.


Mike's background in competitive eating may have given him a leg-up, but his two ten-ounce bowls just couldn't stack up against Lane Rasberry's six (note: that's six not seven; The Seattle Times got it slightly wrong). Rasberry won $150 and first place for the second year in a row, although something tells me he'll be opting out of the dish this Thursday.

Follow the link to see more of this man-on-spud action.

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