Girlfight! Costumed Halloween Brawl at Denny's

Who would win in a fight? Sexy Bumblebee or Sexy Ladybug?
Denny's is to drunken Halloween girls like catnip is to cats--there's just something in those Moons Over My Hammy's that drives the ladies bonkers. I'm guessing its the ham. Or maybe the seven tequila shooters that it's mixing with.

In any event, getting a table at Denny's (or a Waffle House or Beth's or any other all-night diner) on Halloween night is kind of like scoring ringside seats for Foxy Boxing or something even worse--you just know that something weird is going to happen and that, when it does, it's probably going to involve two girls in Sexy Nurse costumes going at it like angry cats. And lucky us, in this day of cellphone video and Youtube, we all get to see the action, even when it happens all the way out in East Oakland.

Video after the jump.

As it was so succinctly put by the camera person, "Goddamn... They tore this motherfucker up."

Many thanks to Gawker and for bringing this video to the world.

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