At The Herbfarm, Eat Like Chris Voigt, The 20-Potatoes-A-Day Guy

Last week, we wrote about Chris Voigt--the Executive Director of the Washington State Potato Commission (no, I'm not making that up) and the man who is in the process of becoming a Blog-o-Land superstar just because he decided to eat 20 potatoes.

Every day for 60 days.

And nothing else.

He's doing it to prove some things that I don't think were ever really in dispute: that potatoes are awesome and versatile, that they're nutritious, that a fella can live on potatoes-and-nothing for a very long time without dying or getting fat (something that was pretty much proven by my Famine-era ancestors a hundred-some years ago). Also, it makes for a pretty good stunt. I mean, what else is the Executive Director of the Washington State Potato Commission going to do to get himself on MSNBC?

Anyway, Voigt is not the only person out there with potatoes on the brain. The crew over at The Herbfarm are getting in on all this hot tater action themselves by throwing a special dinner. And all-potato dinner.

Details after the jump.

"This isn't a dinner of all mashed potatoes and French Fries," according to The Herbfarm's Ron Zimmerman. "Just as we build thematic menus around seafood and native plants in the spring and wild mushrooms in the autumn, this menu will showcase a whole range of potatoes we have grown locally. Nine kinds of potatoes will be featured in preparations by themselves and with local seafood, fowl, and meats."

Which is quite a bit more variety than Voigt is allowing himself. Voigt, who gets through most days by eating bags of chips, french fries and pounds upon pounds of dry mashers.

The Herbfarm will be doing spuds in both traditional and cutting edge ways (or at least as cutting edge as a potato can be). And the special dinner (which is being called the "Menu for the Uber Tuber," of course) will be offered November 5th through the 21st. Prices run from $189 to $195 per person for nine courses. And, this being the 21st century, of course there's a video presentation to go along with it, focusing on the ozette potato--one of the nine varieties being presented for the dinner.

Makes you hungry, right? Reservations for the Uber Tuber menu can be made on The Herbfarm's website.

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